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Accelerating the evolution of consciousness of organizations with digital technology

One team, one dream, one plan

Raúl Uribe

Founder & CEO

Guillermo Asto


Dean Uribe

UX Lead

Brian Koo

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Máriel Yépez

QA Lead

Alfredo Estrada

Marketing Lead

Marita Neira

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Josteam Cabellos

Client Acquisition

We believe that ACELERA manages to unleash the potential and greatness of people

Every hour of work that we have given to create ACELERA has a much greater meaning than just generating money.

There is a global problem about how organizations work that limits human potential

People are not managed, they are led

The resources are manageable (we can store them, close them, eliminate them). People are not resources, they are conscious entities that can deliver a lot of value if they are led from integrity. The first step for this consists of agreeing on non-imposed commitments, which allow compliance to be demanded from the “I hope you keep your word” and not from the “I hope you do what I told you” hierarchy.

In ACELERA the objectives are not imposed, this is key to make people own up to their results and demand accountability based on the word and not on the formal authority of a boss.

Demanding plans in a straight line is a mistake, high uncertainty is part of our reality

There are countless companies that hit the wall every year after realizing that many of the hypotheses they had are not valid. Millionaire projects that fail to deliver the expected value. The “illusion of control” continues to reign in organizations and is often exercised by people with power who demand straight-line plans in unnecessary detail and then punish when those plans change.

At ACELERA, the objectives are defined in short sections with the aim of validating whether our business hypotheses are valid, realizing the power of adaptability and giving visibility to whether we are managing to build annual and multi-annual strategic planning.

A meeting without clear commitments is like a bridge that did not reach the other side. How much is 95% of a bridge worth? Nothing.

Culture manifests itself in an extreme way in the social spaces of a group of people. In the case of companies, meetings are these spaces where people learn, shape their behavior and exercise power. An essential point of an agile culture is the habit of generating commitments, that is: Who promises to do what and by when?

ACELERA has a commitment management module connected to all the meetings that take place around the tool. Each person can manage her commitments, prioritize them, negotiate them and finally fulfill them. This is the heart that energizes organizational execution.